Grant Request

To be considered for a grant from the Anthony Robbins Foundation, an organization must submit a Letter of Intent online. This Letter of Intent may not exceed 1500 words in length. The online form for the Letter of Intent permits narrative information to be provided for items 1-6 up to 250 words each.

Paper applications will not be considered. Individuals seeking funds and organizations seeking start up funds are not eligible to receive grant funding through the Anthony Robbins Foundation.

Submit Your Letter of Intent

Note: Organization must receive tax-exempt status from IRS and applicable state income tax authority prior to be considered.

Does my organization qualify for grant funding?

If your organization meets the following criteria, please submit a letter of intent:

  • 501(c)(3) organization or an international organization with government recognized  nonprofit status (and proof of status)
  • Active as a nonprofit for at least one fiscal year and have necessary tax documentation
  • Mission statement coincides with the Anthony Robbins Foundation  mission to empower youth, elderly, disabled, homeless and hungry and prison populations 

Who does not qualify for funding?

We do not offer funding for the following:

  • Individuals seeking funds for personal, business or other use
  • Start-up costs for nonprofits, businesses, groups or individuals
  • Organizations with a mission outside of our areas of focus 

Deadline: None. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis. You may submit your letter of intent at any time.

What happens after submission?

Once submitted, the online Letter of Intent will be reviewed by the Anthony Robbins Foundation grant committee. The length of the review process will vary but generally takes over 120 days. Organizations are informed of approval by e-mail. Only "invited" grant applications will be considered.

If your organization's letter of intent is not accepted, you may re-apply for funding next fiscal year.  Approved organizations will be invited to submit a formal grant application. We will provide approved organizations with the formal application and directions for completion by email. We will inform you of deadlines based on when our next Board of Directors meeting is intended to take place. The Board has the final say on all formal grant applications. Only approved formal grant applications will be considered.

What happens after approval?

If your organization's letter of intent is approved by the Board, you will receive a Formal Grant Application. A request for support must include the following:

  • Include verification that the charitable organization requesting the grant is presently a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) ; copies of the determination letter from the Internal Revenue must accompany the initial request. The grant request must specify whether the requesting organization is a "public charity" (IRC §509(a)(1, 2 or 3) or a "private foundation."
  • Provide a detailed budget of your organization and the specific project, including other sources of funding, whether committed, conditional or potential.
  • Provide financial statements, including income and expenses statements (audited, if available) for the past two years for your organization.
  • Provide a current list of Board of Directors of organization.

Conciseness and clarity are most highly regarded attributes of a grant request rather than elaborate (and cumbersome) notebooks or other relatively expensive formats.

A condition of every grant is the obligation and undertaking to provide the Foundation with a 6-month progress report concerning the specific project, program or other activity supported by the grant. The progress report is due 6- months following receipt of the grant. The progress report must include the date of receipt of the grant award.

The Board of Directors recently adopted a new policy that allows a grantee organization to reapply for a new grant after two years from its original grant date. This policy also applies if the grantee organization submits a proposal for the same program or a new program for consideration.

The Anthony Robbins Foundation considers grant applications in written form only. If the Board desires further information following initial review of the request, the applicant will be contacted by a Foundation representative.  Generally, a grant request received within 30 days of a Board meeting will be deferred for action until the next Board meeting. All grant applications and inquiries should be directed to

The Anthony Robbins Foundation
9672 Via Excelencia Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 444-3080