Inmate Program

The Anthony Robbins Foundation Inmate Program offers correctional facilities support through materials and a curriculum specially designed for incarcerated adults and youths. Over the course of a decade the Anthony Robbins Foundation has provided books, tapes, and lesson plans to more than 800 correctional facilities and halfway houses. Participating institutions have developed successful programs that give program participants the tools necessary to break their patterns and lead law-abiding lives for the betterment of our society.

Lives Transformed

Dedicated to providing new direction, the Inmate Program has contributed to lifechanging transformations as well as the creation of Lives Transformed, a novel that shares two former prisoners accounts of taking control. Post publication, former inmates continue to stay in close contact with the Foundation’s Prison Program Specialist, contributing their newfound success and fresh perspective to the efforts of the program.

To find out how you can help create powerful change that transforms lives in prisons contact the Anthony Robbins Foundation.